Industrial Console Table


Console Table made from steel and solid cherry.

For this, I started by cutting 2x1 mild steel down to size and then made a jig from some scrap particle board to make sure both sides turned out the same. Once in the jig, they were welded up.

Testing the fit against my couch. I didn't get any shots of making the cross beams, but there are two on the top, and one centered on each of the lower bars of the legs. Four in total.

I made another jig to position the center mount drawer slides. They will be mounted to the center rail as well as the back panel. The back rail was made from 1x1 tubing because I ran out of 2x1, it was not a design decision, just what I had.

And here are all the drawers mounted. These were made from plywood and joined with box-joints.

Next I planed and jointed some cherry stock, then glued them up for the top.

There was a good sized crack running along one board, so I made some bow ties out of scrap wenge to help prevent the crack from spreading.

At this point, the side panels have had shellac applied and the frame painted with black spray paint. The side panels were so thin I didn't want to screw them to the base, so I used epoxy to attach them.

And here it is in it's final location. The drawer pulls I made from, I believe, 1/2" square tube, the ends filled with cherry plugs.

And finally, some beauty shots

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